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Jentschmann – from Sewing Machines to Ultrasonic

Jentschmann – from Sewing Machines to Ultrasonic and networked awning production

Starting from modest beginnings as an enterprise marketing and repairing sewing machines in the early 1940’s, the company evolved in the late ’60s into a manufacturing company for long arm sewing machines based on a large variety of standard industrial sewing machines. Responding to the need for more effective sewing solutions lead to the development of automated sewing systems, and later to ultrasonic cutting, welding and gluing systems. 

The idea of setting up a digital production system had been in the air for years. Step by step, the necessary hardware and software was built up and enriched with more and more experience from the market. Today, we can proudly say that in 2022 we will put a complete digital production system 4.0, we simply call it Smart Factory, into operation at the customer. We are proud that the latest version was developed IN-HOUSE with our own competencies. From the storage of the fabric bale to the mounted cloth on the shaft, all processes at the individual stations run via the central JAG Node Explore. SMART FACTORY, for the manufacture of awning cloths, is not an illusion in the year 2022 but an innovation from Jentschmann AG that has come true.

The constant further development of this technology is an important part of our strategic orientation.

Some major milestones in Jentschmann history include:


Market launch of SMART FACTORY


Development and market launch of the PillowMaster Ultrasonic, an Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for the highly efficient production of pillows.

Winner of the R+T Innovation Award in the field of "Textile Sun Protection" for the "NonVi Keder" manufacturing process.


Market introduction of ScreenCut in combination with the Material-Handling-System MHS for a progressive digitization of the awning and screen manufacturing.

Market introduction of Weldsonic Twin UltraSeam™ for confectioning wrinkle-free awnings.


Development of “UltraSeam™”-confection – a milestone for the confection of wrinkle-free awnings
Further development of Weldsonic Twin for UltraSeam™-confection

Development of the UltraSeam™ tape in cooperation with the company Gluetex


Market introduction of the RLS in combination with ScreenCut – the most compact and advanced system for storing, cutting and managing of acrylic and screen rolls


Development of the „Rack-Storage-System (RLS)“ – an automatic storage system and unload system to cutting machines for rolls from 1,2m – 4m fabric width


Development of the „Panelmaster Ultrasonic“ – for an automatic production of ultrasonic duvets by the use of advanced ultrasonic cut & weld technology

Development of the „ScreenCut“ – a revolutionary concept to cut and process sun protection fabrics up to a width of 3,5m


Jentschmann A.G. celebrates it 40 anniversary as incorporated company.


Head office and production facilities moved to a new, custom built energy efficient building with 1200 sqm production area.

Jentschmann delivers the first fully automated system for producing RV awnings, capable of producing 2 finished covers per minute.


Expansion and growth of ultrasonic cutting and bonding machines for clothing industry, while maintaining our leading position in awning and textile sun protection markets.


By a management buy-out, Dietmar Heil, Managing Director and company employee for many years, takes over the company from Leggett & Platt Inc. Getting back full autonomy provides faster and more efficient response to customer and market requirements.


In order to concentrate on developing new markets and technologies, particularly in the use of ultrasonic cutting and bonding, Jentschmann stops production of long arm sewing machines. Manufacturing of long arm sewing machines for sail makers is taken over by Solent Sewing Machines Ltd., Jentschmann distributor in Great Britain.


Jentschmann improves its activity in Ultrasonic cutting and bonding with the development of a 20 mm wide rotary sonotrode and state-of-the-art ultrasonic generators and controls. Simple stand-alone machines complement our range of automated computer-controlled machines for manufacturing awnings, roller blinds, and banners.


After many decades as a successful family enterprise the company is sold to Leggett & Platt Inc. in Carthage, USA to ensure succession. Leggett & Platt consists of over 300 companies with a total staff of 34,000 employees. As part of the Global Systems Group, the machine manufacturers within Leggett & Platt, Jentschmann becomes the European home of production for special sewing machines and plants as well as the European Center of expertise for new developments in this field.


At R+T in Stuttgart, the most important trade show for the sun protection industry worldwide, Jentschmann introduces an automatic Ultrasonic bonding machine with rotary horn for welding PVC coated sun protection fabrics like Screens, Soltis® and similar products.


Users of Long arm machines, especially those in the awning industry, require sewing machines capable of performing long straight seams in a simple way. This leads to the development of the first automatic sewing machine where the material is supported on a mobile table which is automatically guided in synchronization with the sewing machine. The success of these machines within the sun protection industry leads to the development of cutting systems and hot wedge welding machines which soon become the major sales element of the company. Thanks to continued development of these machines, the incorporation of innovative ideas and the well-regarded Jentschmann quality, Jentschmann Ltd. becomes the market leader in this field. Providing all of the machinery and systems to manufacture awnings in one integrated concept provides customers with high productivity and long-term profitability of their investment. Practically all of the leading manufacturers of awnings in Europe and in the USA have become Jentschmann customers.


The world’s biggest sewing machine with an underarm clearance of 7 meters for sewing Bedouin tents in Kuwait is developed. In this project the quantity of electronic controls for the first time equals the value of mechanical components. The drives for the needle and the hook as well as the forward feed are no longer mechanically activated but driven by electronically synchronized step motors. In this project a long and successful partnership with electronic specialists of the future Indutron AG begins.


Erich Jentschmann takes over the management of Jentschmann AG. Former suppliers of sewing machines, including Pfaff and Durkopp Adler from Germany, also become customers of Jentschmann, when they incorporate Jentschmann’s extended sewing machines in their own sales program and commission Jentschmann to develop and manufacture special sewing machines which until that time could only be produced in small numbers. This partnership with large production companies, resulting from the high quality of the products and proven expertise, contributed to the continuing development of the Jentschmann Company.


The single-member company Jakob Jentschmann becomes the limited company Jentschmann AG. Beginning of industrial manufacturing of extended sewing machines. In due course the sales of standard sewing machines are discontinued in order to concentrate on the industrial production of extended and special purpose sewing machines. As a result of this specialization the proportion of turnover represented by Exports increase to more than 80%.


Jentschmann starts to elongate industrial sewing machines of Pfaff and Adler. These extended sewing machines spread the good name of the Jentschmann Company throughout Europe.


Jakob Jentschmann establishes a trading and servicing firm for sewing machines and bicycles.