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Jentschmann AG

an engineering company
with tradition

Jentschmann is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Ultrasonic cutting, Ultrasonic gluing, and Ultrasonic welding machines for membrane materials.

The numerous customers of Jentschmann AG are mainly found in the textile sun protection industry. In addition, we offer solutions for the areas of bedding production, the manufacture of tarpaulins and banners (using the digital printing process), as well as in the clothing sector and in the filter industry.

Our background in sewing and hot air / hot wedge welding means we can provide effective and innovative solutions for almost any membrane joining application.

Our head office and production facilities are located in Switzerland. We have direct sales and service in North America, and a network of specially trained sales and support representatives throughout Europe and Australia.

In addition to our line of standard machines, we welcome opportunities to design / build custom solutions.


Industrieverband Technische Textilien – Rollladen – Sonnenschutz e.V.
The Jentschmann AG is a member of the Association ITRS and supports the makers of technical textiles in the planning of production processes, layouting for the production machinery and the development of customized machines.

Board members

Owner / CTO
Managing Director

Divisional heads

Head of Sunprotection Division
Head of Bedding Division
Head of Digi-Print-Solutions
Head of After Sales / IT


New cooperation partner in the UK

Emmet Machinery Ltd and Jentschmann AG are collaborating.
will support Jentschmann AG in sales in the United Kingdom.
We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation.

Contact details of Emmet Machinery Ltd

Customer interview

DigiWeld - a reliable "partner" for the "Blachenprinz" for 10 years.

Interview as PDF

New cooperation partner

Habraken B.V. and Jentschmann AG are collaborating.
will support Jentschmann AG in sales and service in the Netherlands and Belgium. Berry van Gool (left) and
Albertjan van Leijsen (middle) spent two days in Hüntwangen (Switzerland) and got to know the Jentschmann team and products.
On the right our head of sun protection division, Sascha Hanft.
We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation.

Information with image

PillowMaster Ultrasonic

Jentschmann is pleased to present the new PillowMaster Ultrasonic to customers in the bedding industry.
A highly efficient ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for the production of pillows.

Product website

R+T digital Feb. 2021

Jentschmann has won the R+T Innovation award with its Innovation "NonVi Piping" in the category "Textile sun protection".
Please find the press-release by clicking the PDF-Button.

Sonnenschutzwelt 02.2021

Jentschmann has been nominated for the R+T Innovation award with "NonVi Piping".
Fabric fixation is written "big" with the Swiss company - report by Olaf Vögele (Sonnenschutzwelt special publication 02.2021 for R+T digital)

Glaswelt 01.2021

Jentschmann's innovation "NonVi Keder" was nominated for the R+T Innovation award. 
In the report by Olaf Vögele (issue 01.2021) this innovation is presented (PDF button on the right - report is only available in german language).

PDF-Factsheet DE/EN NonVi Keder

Glaswelt 09.2020

Jentschmann zeigt Innovationscenter mit lebendiger Produktion
Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte - Bericht von Olaf Vögele - Ausgabe 09.2020

Glaswelt 08.2020

Zufriedener Kunde: Verbesserung des Qualitätsstandards und des Workflows mit der ScreenCut und dem MHS von Jentschmann
Auf den neuesten Stand gebracht - Bericht von Olaf Vögele - Ausgabe 08.2020

Newsletter 03/2020

Important customer information concerning the Corona virus (COVID-19)

Newsletter 01/2020

UltraSeamTM - The practical application is promising and the advantages are obvious

Glaswelt 12.2019

UltraSeamTM von Jentschmann in der praktischen Anwendung
Ganz schön flache Naht - Bericht von Olaf Vögele - Ausgabe 12.2019

Newsletter 10/2019

UltraSeamTM - The new generation of awnings

Glaswelt 05.2019

Ist die Suche nach dem faltenfreien Markisentuch durch UltraSeam beendet?
Auf die Umgebungsvariablen kommt es an! – Bericht von Olaf Vögele - Ausgabe 05.2019

Newsletter 05/2019

Panelmaster Ultrasonic at trade fair interzum

Newsletter 04/2019

Invitation for trade fair interzum

RTS Magazin 10/2011
Stoffe mit Ultraschall-Technolgie schweissen – Ausgabe 10/2011
sicht+sonnenschutz 10/2010
Markisen kleben war gestern – Ausgabe Oktober 2010
RTS Magazin 10/2010
Markisen kleben war gestern – Ausgabe 10/2010
Beckhoff-PC Control 03/2010

Ultraschallschweiss- und Zuschneideautomat für PVC Markisen, Ausgabe 03/2010