Jentschmann AG develops and produces machines and systems with ultrasonic rotating sonotrodes for ultrasonic cutting, Ultraschallschweissen, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic sewing (sonic sewing), ultrasonic cut & weld, ultrasonic gluingwith hotmelt adhesive for technical textiles and plastics.

Beside a wide range of standard products Jentschmann AG offers custom made machines with the application of ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cut & seal, ultrasonic gluing, and industrial sewing machines and sewing systems.

UltraSeam™ - The wrinkle-free awning

Annoyed by wrinkled appearance of awnings?
Do you feel that: „That is state of the art and nothing can be done about it?”
UltraSeam™ is the solution for a wrinkle-free awning.

Our sewing and ultrasonic machines

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Bedding + mattresses
Industrial Sewing
Storage + Handling Solutions
Textile Solar Protection
Ultrasonic Welding/Gluing
  • Sewsy 4.0

    High performance sewing unit for an efficient joining and hemming of awning…

  • LaserCut

    Die LaserCut Pro wurde speziell für die Verarbeitung des Webtex Bandes von…

  • ScreenCut

    Cutting machine for pvc screen and awning production with up to 3.5m…

  • Weldsonic™ Twin 4.0

    Ultrasonic gluing machine for joining, hemming, applying ZIP and different edge operations…

  • RCM Texband Cutter -…

    Texband Cutter 85 Fully equipped automatic cutting machine with driven film spool…

  • RCM Bartacker - KE-430

    Electronic bartacker Electronic automatic bartacker with direct drive type Brother RTC-KE430 for…

  • RCM Texband Cutter -…

    Texband Cutter 78 Automatic cutting machine with rigid film spool holder for…

  • Pillowmaster Ultrasonic

    PillowMaster Ultrasonic Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for the production of pillows Video…

  • Material-Handling-System MHS

    The Material-Handling-System is an intelligent storage and handling system for an easier…

  • Rack-Storage-System RLS

    Rack-Storage-System RLS Jentschmann’s Rack-Storage-System is a dynamic fabric roll storage system with…

  • Punchy

    Flounce Cutter Punchy™ The Punchy™ is a computer controlled cutting machine for…

  • Panelmaster Ultrasonic

    Panelmaster Ultrasonic Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for the production of duvets…

  • Weldsonic™ Solo

    Weldsonic™ Solo The Jentschmann Weldsonic™ Solo is a stand-alone flatbed Ultrasonic welding…

  • Kesa

    Kesa High performance sewing plant with mobile sewing head and piping feed…

  • DA867 Keder

    DA867 PVC keder hem Sewing plant with piping feed for sewing the…

  • 937 Volant

    937 Volant Special zigzag sewing machine for binding of awning valances. The…

  • Sewsy™

    Sewsy™ High performance sewing plant with mobile sewing head for assembling and…

  • Panelmaster QuiltLine

    Panelmaster QuiltLine Ultrasonic quilting and cutting/welding machine for the production of duvets,…

  • NonVi Keder

    NonVi Keder Innovation A method for the production of an invisible welt seam…

Jentschmann AG

We manufacture standard machines for the following processes for making awnings and roller blinds: Cutting of awning fabrics, cutting of volants (flounce), joining (sewing) of awning panels, sewing the side hem, binding of awning flounce, joining (gluing) fabric panels, bonding (welding) PVC coated fabric panels, cutting and sewing pull up straps for horizontal blinds, sewing of roller blinds, fixing side keder (zip rope) on fabric edges like Zip Screen.

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