Panelmaster Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic cutting and welding machine for cutting duvets, mattress panels and similar fabric


The Panelmaster Ultrasonic can be integrated into every quilting line and can work with every quilting machine.
A compensator between quilting machine and Panelmaster Ultrasonic ensures a continuous and independent production.
The fabric is cut and welded length- and crosswise with the same welding and cutting quality. For duvets the machine is able to imitate a binding on all for edges by the use of a special welding geometry so that the duvet is ready prepared for the end customer.
Optional an automatic label insertion is available to position, cut and weld the labels on the duvets.


39 Picto CutWeld


  • Cutting-Welding-Technology: ultrasonic, with rotary sonotrode and anvil wheel
  • Productivity: up to 6 duvets/panels per minute (depending on material)
  • Optional a third edge cutter in the middle of the material is available (see: Weldsonic Portal)
  • Optional an automatic label insertion for positioning and welding labels on duvets is available
  • Easy load and save of welding parameters via touch panel according material specifications
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Environment-friendly! No microwaves, no nuisance
  • Power: 1 x 230 V 10 A
  • Pressure: 6 bar

Benefits of ultrasonic cutting and welding

  • Cutting and sealing of the edges at the same time
  • Imitation of a binding by an ultrasonic welding seam possible
  • No pass out of fibers by a constant closed edge
  • High production speed of up to 6 panels / minute possible (Depending on material)
  • App. 25% higher productivity at the binding process as the edges are prepared and compressed for an easier and faster guiding to the sewing heads
  • Reduced material waste as no cutting is necessary at the binding process
  • No thread, needle, hook consumption
  • No needle breakages and danger of injury for customers
  • Easy maintenance of ultrasonic units
  • Automatic welding of labels possible


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