Gluing machine


New Design

Engineered with precision

We were able to realize the vision of an even more robust and easier to set-up machine by making fundamental changes to the design of the ultrasonic head. In combination with the newly developed sonotrode generation, this leads to a larger process window for the system.



Core components of the Weldsonic™Twin 4.0 are highly sophisticated rotary sonotrodes operating in a frequency range of 35kHz. The self-developed, new sonotrode generation with smooth surface coating and a higher amplitude of 10% has been optimized for its application purpose.


The ultrasonic head works with two anvil/sonotrode units positioned one behind the other. This means that the energy required to activate the adhesive tape can be distributed over two units, making it easier to handle different textiles. Both the anvil roller and the sonotrode are driven separately in order to be able to react to different fabric properties.

Gluing can be so simple

Many big textile sun shading products consist of several fabric panels that have to be joined together after cutting. With ultrasonic technology, this can be done very easily by placing both fabric panels on top of each other and simultaneously inserting a hotmelt adhesive tape between the two fabric layers. By using the two ultrasonic sonotrodes, this adhesive tape is "activated" so that a firm and tight connection is created.

a classic joining process of an overlap seam of 20mm with acrylic fabric


traditional overlap



Traditionally, terrace and balcony awnings, whether cassette awnings or open awnings, are made overlapping at the joints and the outer edges by hemming. 

UltraSeam™ declares war on wrinkles!
A real alternative to the classic traditionally manufactured awning fabric is now available with the UltraSeam™ cloth. The "butt-joint" of the panels by means of highly developed adhesive tapes from the company Gluetex enables significantly better winding behavior, which can lead to a significant improvement in the appearance of the fabric.


Both as an on-glass or under-glass awning, glass roof/conservatory awnings are often used as side-guided awnings. Zippers are then applied to the edges of the fabric.

traditionally overlapped with ZIP 

UltraSeam™ with UltraZIP™ 


The Weldsonic™Twin 4.0 is configurable in different versions.

  • 4.0 - Workflow

    If the ScreenCut / AcrylCut cutting machine is used in combintation with the Material-Handling-System MHS, the panels are delivered to the machine wound on the short side in a MHS trolley. For processing these panels, the Weldsonic™Twin is equipped with an additional side table.

  • 360°

    The Weldsonic™Twin 4.0 can also be used as a PVC screen processing machine. In this case, the fabric is processed on all four sides by rotating it step by step through 360° and guiding it into the machine.
    The PVC screen panels are primarily cut to size on the ScreenCut and come to the machine in trolleys.

  • Traditional

    In the standard version, the fabric is wound lengthwise and placed in the machine where it is unwound manually from panel to panel.

Technical data

The data may vary depending on the version.

  • Operating lengths
     Max. operating length:   Machine length (ML): 
     5.000mm  7.200mm
     6.080mm  8.280mm
     7.040mm  9.240mm
    8.460mm 10.800mm
    9.545mm 11.880mm
    10.275mm 12.840mm
  • Technical data

    Working speed: average 10 m/min to 13 m/min (depending on the material)
    Number of ultrasonic rolling sonotrodes: 2
    Number of ultrasonic cutting sonotrodes: 2 (with UltraSeam™ option)
    Gluing width: up to 21mm

  • Fabrics

    Standard version
    acrylic and polyester awning fabrics (e.g. Lumera, Tempotest, Orchestra, etc.)

    360° - version
    PVC coated fabrics such as
    Screen (e.g. Copaco Serge 600, Mermet Satiné, etc.)
    Soltis Perform 92
    Soltis Lounge 96

  • Dimensions and weight

    Height: 1.730mm (working height 900mm)
    Length: variable (ML)
    Depth: 1.065mm

    Weight: approx. 1.500 kg (depending on length and equipment)

  • Connection

    Electrical power: 400V / 50Hz, 3 phases, 16A
    Pneumatics: Ø 8mm, stable 8bar, dry, oil-free, 120l/min
    Network: Ethernet (100/1000 Mbit)

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